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Autograph Order

Autograph Order
Here you can order personalized autographs of Kevin Sorbo.
Please note the following important instructions:
Kevin Sorbo charges $40 for each autograph, plus packing, postage and Paypal fee. Shipping to another country, outside the United States, will be sent as insured shipping.

If you have special photo requests, or you would like Kevin to choose a photo from his own collection for the autograph, let us know and we will gladly forward your requests to Kevin. He enjoys all your mail, but please consider that he is a very busy person, so it may take quite some time until you get your autograph.
If you should have more questions, or if you would you like Kevin to sign a picture of your own ?
Please don't hesitate to get in touch with of us.

Specials and Collectibles
Personalized Autograph of Kevin Sorbo
40.00 $(VAT excl.)
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By Anne @ OEKSFC
All merchandise shown in this shop is owned by Kevin Sorbo.
The sale of the items is subject to the laws of United
States of America. Orders and sales are worldwide.
All prices + 7,25% Sales Tax.
+ Packing and Postage
+ Paypal fee: 3,9 %
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