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True Strength
True Strength by Kevin Sorbo Paperback: 296 pages with signature by Kevin Sorbo
30.00 $(VAT excl.)
True Faith
True Faith: by Sam & Kevin Sorbo, Embracing Adversity To Live in God's Light. Soft Cover, with signature by Kevin Sorbo
30.00 $(VAT excl.)
True Strength:
My Journey From Half-God to Mere Mortal and how Nearly Dying Saved My Life

"I have waited long enough. This is my story. Hopefully an inspiration. Been working on it for over a year now. But many years doing notes. The book is about what happened to me season 5 of Herk. Most of you know I had an illness. Most of you don't know I almost died. Universal covered it up to make sure the show went on. Book deals with the build up to getting Hercules and then the road that led to my illness and how it affected me.  I think you will be surprised."
True Faith:

Embracing Adversity To Live in God's Light
Marriage, Movies, and Miracles. Oh, my!
Marriage is a dance (even when the music sounds really bad), and movies are minefields of problems and politics, but miracles are more common than you might believe. Kevin and Sam show that if you keep your feet moving and your hearts focused on God's divine rhythm, you can discover successes you might never imagine. All it takes is a little faith.

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