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The Secret Handshake

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The secret Handshake

The story of a teen male who lost his father nearly three years ago, and has no male at home to help set his moral compass. He falls in love with a girl at school and his wayward friends give him bad advice on how to gain her attention, (to include some off the wall stunts). The girls' father (played by Kevin Sorbo) steps in and with the boys' mom's approval takes the boy on a "scared straight" sort of camping trip, with a couple of Sorbo's adult friends. The intention is to show the boy what it takes to be responsible, and to think for himself as a man, but the trip evolves into an unexpected adventure in a beautiful forest.

Good movie for the entire family with lots of funny moments, and things many of us can relate to from both our youth and beyond.

All parts are played well by the actors and each was typecast very well for their roles.
Run Time: 90 minutes
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